Sunday, March 11, 2012

Random Fun-ness

Eating our favorite reese's smores :)

Playin some racquetball on Saturday after we couldn't go cross-country skiing.

Me and Ally locked in a piano practice room at the beginning of the semester haha. When we shut the door the handle on the other side fell off and we couldn't get out!  We called our friend Brady and he came to the rescue, good times.

Semester Goals

These are some goals I decided to work on and Ally wrote them down and how I'm going to accomplish them and then we taped it to my wall haha

Cross Country Skiing Trip!

Josiah, Me, Alyssa, and Ally :)

 We were so excited!

Josiah trying to fall asleep....trying.

The weather was too terrible and they had to turn the van around and we didn't get to go.  It was very disappointing. :(  oh well better luck next time

Roommate Sleepover at Ally's!

Friday, March 2

Playin wipeout on the kinect! I'm pretty sure Ally's Dad creamed us! :)

Waiting for our food at our midnight Denny's run, we got a little crazy.

Yay food for starving college students! I had biscuits and gravy...honestly, they weren't that good, I think  we mainly do it for the experience and not so much the food quality ha.

Alyssa was the first one to fall asleep heehee :)