Thursday, February 23, 2012

President's Day - NO SCHOOL!

John & Rach came up to Shelley to see the Hurd's so I went up to visit them and I got to go shooting (for my first time ever!) with Caleb and John.  I shot a 410 (and I have no idea what that means) and I missed the clay pigeon (why on earth do they call it a pigeon, it's a round disk?!) every time haha It was a lot of fun and so good to see them!  I also got to hang out with Rachael and Jen and we went to a fabric store and had a great time!  Thanks again Rach for lettin me know and buyin my lunch :)

Doesn't it look like I've been doin this for years ;) haha

Sunday, February 19, 2012

Years Later....

Wow, so it's been 2 years crazy! I fail at these things. But I'm still trying because I love being able to look at all my sisters' blogs and seeing what they're up to :) Since there's no way to catch up on all that's happened I'm just gonna start with the new year of 2012!

I am in a Senior at BYU-Idaho, with a major in Exercise Physiology w/ an emphasis in fitness and exercise. I have two clusters(instead of 1 minor...way more variety!). One is a music cluster and the other is a "life skills" cluster that I stuck all my random credits in. It worked quite nicely, except now they're trying to get me out of school ASAP and I'm not real sure I wanna go. That aside, it's very exciting being a Senior in college and it seems like just yesterday I was a Senior in high school.

I'm living with one of my best friends Ally James and we love to quote Kid History, laugh, eat food, and talk about life. This semester we're on a recreational volleyball team and have a solid record of losses haha. Though we did win one match, unfortunately we lost the other two. Why break such a great streak haha. ANYWAYS... it's a ton of fun playing and that's the important part for me. Don't ask Ally though cuz she really wanted a free shirt. (You get a free shirt if you win the championship)...that's what she gets for signing us up for intermediate level instead of beginner haha.

Well I'm sure all of this writing is boring you but for the few who are curious or having nothing better to do I will continue telling you about my present life. I'm teaching an Aerobics class (like an official class students get credits for) with another great friend Tynj'a Lofgran. and no she's not black. It was really scary at first and it's still a ton of work but I love to do it! There's just really something satisfying about stand in front of a great big group of awesome girls and a couple boys and working out together. I love it!

As for my personal life, you're just gonna have to get on the phone and call me if you wanna know about it ha :)  But I am most definitely single, which just like dating has its pros and cons. Well that's a pretty good update for now. There'll be some pictures to follow :)

My roommate Ally!

Our two favorite things!

Mostly January

Ice skating with Jaren in Boise

DeNae & KaeLyn came too! Hurray!

Saturday morning breakfast & movie in our couch bed!

Roommate pizza night! (This is Alyssa!-right)

Money origami for my friend Celena's wedding reception

My healthy delicious dinner!