Tuesday, May 18, 2010

The Ice Caves

So first off some introductions: I have a new fhe group and it looks to be a promising semester filled with lots of fun and friendships. We all went to the ice caves last Saturday and it was a blast!

This is the start of the adventure headin off on the crazy back roads! We got lost the first time, because none of the boys could remember which dirt road led to the caves! haha, silly boys always forgetting to pay attention to landmarks or ask for directions.

Brynn, Maddie, Heath, and Dave (from left to right)

This was the cool rock climbing stuff we had to go through to get to the caves, just down this steep slope there was a skeleton of a dead cow! It was pretty narly!

Inside the ice caves:

The hardest part is next, there's this huge ice formation and ledge thing you have to climb down, but if you step wrong there's a huge hole to the left that you would fall into and it would not feel good! It was also pitch black in there so it was way hard to see exactly where you were going in certain spots even with the flashlights.

Whew! Last ones down :)

Yay roomies!.....except Tasha :\

More cool pics from the caves!

This one gives you a feel for just how dark it was down there.

Me, Dave, Caleb (left to right)

Here's most the group, just missin' Levi and Seth

The journey continues! :D

Chillin on a cool ledge, secret crevice thing with Seth. When we finally caught up we found Levi and Seth waiting sneakily up there. It would have been perfect for scaring if they weren't so visible haha.

The end of the cave! There's an awesome natural slide we played on. We messed around taking pics, and playing with glowsticks. It was pretty much amazing.

Random pics on the way out... so fun!

I was so dirty and soaked by the time we got out! I even got a few little battle wounds :) The trucks came back pretty filthy too...

This was the funnest time ever!!!!! Buckets! If we ever get a bunch of family up here and some babysitters us siblings are gonna have to make a trip and go play in the ice caves! They are so amazing!-

So Behind!

It's been much too long since I've posted anything, but it will take much too long to post all the pictures you guys are missing so I'll just do a couple fun hightlights and the recent stuff :)

Saturday, April 3, 2010

The Fam

Missing a few important people, but we'll have to take a new family photo!

Sunday, January 31, 2010

Shudder the alligator

Logan Holly's older brother just got off his mission and he really likes takin pictures. He taught us all how camera's work and it was really interesting.

Then he taught us how to actually use our cameras effectively, and how to do some cool stuff with them...
-like sweet zoom focusing a part of the picture stuff...

-And making face shots look good....

We learned some sweet stuff and were quite proud of what we accomplished...

Court & Becky Logan & Holly

A New Semester!

I'm so excited to start fresh! It's a new semester and I'm going to have a lot of fun AND do good in school! I've made tons of new friends, gone on two dates, and learned how a camera works! Pictures of the latter will follow...

Plucking Sarah's eyebrows!

Yay Christmas Break!!!! Me and Stacy went to Provo to stay at the cousins with Aunt Dena and DeNae and Kae! It was so much fun!!! We danced and watched awesome movies and played in the snow!!! :D i LOVE no homework!!!